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Get ahead of the crowd!

Preparation for language assessments at bilingual schools

We strengthen the self-confidence and language skills of bilingual children - through interactive and lively online courses with trained native-speaking primary school teachers.

Bilingual education

Superpower Multilingualism

With FamiLingua your child unfolds their potential in a relaxed way:

  • Developing English as a second language of education


    Build connections with other bilingual children
  • Explore age appropriate topics

We use the GDPR-compliant learning platform  teech.

Why FamiLingua?

Bilingual schools are often difficult to reach or expensive. FamiLingua online courses are a real alternative!


We  Offer:

  • English education, complementing German primary school education

  • No long commutes 

  • No complicated entry requirements  

We promise:

  • Live classes, interactive and aligned with the English National Curriculum

  • Fully trained, native-speaking primary school teachers

  • Courses available worldwide

  • Fair conditions 

Familingua founders
Christin & Elle

We are both teachers and mothers of children growing up bilingually.  

Elle has teaching experience as a primary school teacher in London, Shanghai and Berlin and holds the IB Primary Years Programme certificate . Christin teaches at a German high school.  

FamiLingua is exactly what we were looking for in vain, for our own children!


Our classes

Emergent readers (4-6 years)

Immerse your child in the world of language with fun activities:

  • singing songs

  • telling stories

  • being creative and inspired to learn

  • learning to read and write through phonics 


  • every child is unique

  • Creating positive relationships and a supportive environment

  • knowledge about learning and development

Course format and prices:

  • 1x a week, 30 minutes each, max. 5 students

  • €35/month 

Our schedule


4 pm Lower KS2
7-8 year-olds


3 pm Lower KS2
7-8 year-olds

4 pm KS1
6-7 year-olds
Waiting list


4 pm KS1
6-7 year-olds


4 pm Booster course

5-6 year-olds

Waiting list


2:30 pm
Emergent readers

4-6 year-olds

3 pm Upper KS2
9-11 year-olds

4 pm Emergent readers

Waiting list


10.00 am 
FamiLingua Book Club for 4-6 year-olds, 
last Saturday per month

Key Stage 1 (6-8 years)

Discover the diversity of language in fairy tales, poems and factual texts:

  • Narrative structures of traditional stories and fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White and Jack and the Beanstalk.  

  • Use stories and poems as inspiration for your own texts

  • Establish and test hypotheses

  • Develop own ideas, and articulate them

  • Apply phonetic knowledge and skills while reading to decipher words

Goal (end of KS1):

  • Write drafts and longer texts with an introduction, body and conclusion – just like in an English-speaking primary school.

Course format and prices:

  • Once a week, 40 minutes each, max. 10 students

  • € 55/month

Key Stage 2 (8-11 years)

Key Stage 2 is divided into "Lower" and "Upper", and the topics dealt with are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. For example, we are practicing:

  • To express oneself clearly and in a differentiated way

  • Analyse the style, content and form of letters and other types of text

  • Writing articles, letters, diary entries and job applications

  • Use grammar and punctuation correctly


Among other , we are exploring:

  • Myths & legends

  • Poems

  • Novels

  • Plays

  • Newspaper articles

Course format and prices:  

  • Once or twice a week, 60 minutes each, max. 15 students

  • €80/month (once a week), € 150/month (twice a week)

Booster course 

Our small group course is the right choice if your child is facing an entrance exam for admission to an international/bilingual school. We foster self-confidence and language skills:

  • Language practice: storytelling

  • Expanding vocabulary

  • Grammar: correct sentence structure and use of tenses

  • Confidence: Practice conversations with new people

Scope: 30 units​

Price: 495 € 

We have a waiting list for this course - please contact us if you are interested!

Ready for
the entrance exam!

The FamiLingua teaching year 2022/23
  • August 29th, 2022 to July 13th, 2023 

  • Admission during the current academic year is possible (placement interview before the start of the course)

  • reduced course operation during school holidays (dates will be coordinated or announced in advance)

  • no classes on public holidays

Other subjects taught in English (planned)

Does your child want more? We plan subject classes in English - from math to history - with native-speaker teachers with subject qualifications:

  • Application of the English language in various academic contexts 

  • Deepening of knowledge and language skills

  • for an educational language level in the second mother tongue


Belen says:

"We are very happy with Elle's teaching approach. Her classes are very well-prepared, age-appropriate, interesting and fun. My daughter is improving her command of English at a steady pace and is always motivated to learn during the lesson. I could not recommend Elle's teaching enough. Thank you FamiLingua!"

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Contact us with any questions or to arrange a free trial lesson!


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