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Updated: Mar 6

The topic of finding a daycare place is an evergreen in Berlin and brings many parents to the brink of despair. Fortunately, there are services like where parents can get support. Recently, however, I have noticed on various social media that the issue of choosing and registering or applying for a school is challenging for many families too. The procedure is inconsistent, confusing, and highly bureaucratic. In extreme cases, the children of insufficiently informed parents commute halfway or even the whole city to a secondary school. Or primary school pupils don't get a place at their local primary school. This should not be the case, but unfortunately, it does happen from time to time!

On 17 February, I held a webinar to give an overview of the basic features of the Berlin school system (primary and community schools, ISS, and grammar schools) and to answer parents' most pressing questions. Through my work as a Gymnasium teacher and as a mother of two children, I have some insights into the usual procedures and know where to find relevant information. The demand for the free webinar was high, and numerous questions were asked, which I answered to the best of my knowledge (but without guarantee...).

In the aftermath of the webinar, it has become increasingly clear to me that many families might benefit from more support in this field. I am now planning a guidance service focusing on secondary schools. By the way: If you are interested in the topic, I would appreciate your participation in our anonymous survey at

You'll hear more about our service on our website or social media soon!

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