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Our Collaborators

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Essentially, what FamilLingua wants is a supportive space online, and in-person for multilingual children to feel comfortable and enjoy learning English. The women whose businesses we support and collaborate with fit with FamiLingua’s ethos so well, we are really glad to join forces with them. These companies are based in Berlin and Brandenburg, helping international families thrive whilst living in Germany.

Herzenssprachen | Dr. Adeline Hurmaci

Is your child growing up with two or more languages? As a graduated cultural scientist, coach for multilingual early childhood and mother of a trilingual child, I know very well, which kind of difficulties multilingual families have to face and how they can overcome or even avoid them. With my online-coaching and online-courses, I help parents of young children to put the right foundations for strong multilingual skills (without any pressure) and to enjoy their everyday life.


Extra Arms | Giulia Baldisserri Benko

Extra Arms is an ethical nanny agency. Families who approach Extra Arms are not only often new to being parents, they will also be new to their role of Nanny employer, or Nanny client, and deserve to be supported on their journey. Working with a Nanny should improve a family’s quality of life, lowering stress levels, and providing respite. In order to ensure that this is the case, Extra Arms will be there to help you navigate this new kind of interaction and get to the point where your work together flows smoothly.

Contact via email:

Work’n’Kid | Anne Rübsam-Rivierre

With Work’n’Kid, I have created a place, where family life and business matters can smoothly be combined into a more flexible but still professional model. You do not need to choose between job and family needs any more. At Work'n'Kid, you can book the packages that fit best to YOUR needs. Fixed or flexible. With or without your child. Work'n'Kid is the first such place in Berlin-Friedrichshain and part of the creative co-working family in Berlin. Be part of it by becoming a member of our vivid community now! Contact via email:

If you would like to recommend a partner for us to reach out to, please do get in touch.

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