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FamiLingua Projekttag #01 - A Forest Walk in English

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What a day! We spent five hours in the Wuhlheide exploring the forest with all five senses, playing games, listening to stories and climbing trees.

We were very lucky with the weather, the air was wonderfully fresh and even a little warm in the sun. So all the children could really get involved in the activities initiated by Elle. The kids…

  • touched: works of art made of natural materials, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

  • smelled: the air and on leaves, but also on extra smell samples of cinnamon, lemon, garlic and more.

  • tasted: describing flavours at a picnic

  • saw: deer and birds (unfortunately the squirrels didn't let themselves be seen), colours of leaves and collected objects

  • heard: the wind in the trees, animal sounds and of course Elle's autumn stories

We are looking forward to next time! You can find more information on our project days page.

Elle & Christin

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