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School success for bilingual children
Educational Expertise for International Families

English lessons for English-speaking children

Professional school guidance for international families

English lessons

Taught live and online by native-speaking primary school teachers to English-speaking children

Book Club & Projects

Monthly English-language online book club and project days in Berlin for primary school children 

School support

Find the right school for your child: school counselling tailored to the needs of your child and your family

Exam Workshops

Projects on historical and political topics (German, English) to prepare for the presentation exam in MSA or Abitur 

Why FamiLingua?

Bilingual or international schools in Germany are often difficult to reach or very expensive. FamiLingua is different!


We  offer:

  • English-language education, in addition to primary school

  • no long commute to school  

  • no complicated access requirements 

Our promise:

  • Live classes, interactive and oriented towards the English National Curriculum

  • fully trained, mother-tongue primary school teachers

  • courses available worldwide

About us

We are both teachers and mothers of bilingual children.


Elle has teaching experience as a primary school teacher in London, Shanghai and Berlin and holds the IB Primary Years Preparation". Christin has more than ten years of teaching experience as a high school teacher in Berlin and since 2015 also as a school coordinator for academic and career guidance in Berlin. 

With FamiLingua we want to provide orientation in the German school system and close one of the existing gaps: adequate English lessons for English-speaking children that do not attend international schools in Germany.

English classes

Immerse your child in the world of language with fun activities:

  • to sing songs

  • Tell stories

  • be creative and artistic

  • phonetics and written language; first reading and writing

Our principles:

  • Every child is unique

  • Creating positive relationships and a supportive environment

  • Applying knowledge about learning and development

Course format and prices:

  • 1x per week of 30 minutes, max. 5 students

  • €35/month


Current course schedule*


  • 4 pm: Upper Key Stage 2 (9-11-year-olds)


  • 4 pm: Booster course (5-6-year-olds) - waiting list


  • 4 pm: Key Stage 1 (6-7-year-olds)


  • 2.30 pm: Private lesson

  • 3 pm: Emergent readers (5-6-year-olds)


  • 4 pm: Lower Key Stage 2 (7-8-year-olds)


  • 10 am: Book Club for 4-6-year-olds (by announcement)

*Partly reduced course operation during school holidays, no classes on public holidays

School Support

We are insiders in the German education system and navigate you through the jungle:

  • We support you in finding a school in Germany that fits your child.

  • We assist you with the paperwork around the school registration.

  • We help with the communication with the school.


Christin is in charge of school counselling. She has more than ten years of experience as a secondary school teacher and has children of school and pre-school age herself. Christin benefits from Elle's know-how regarding international and bilingual private schools.

In an approximately 60-minute talk, you will get an introduction to the German school system and state-specific features; in addition, advice on the types of schools that come into question and the opportunity to ask your individual questions. 


Belen says:

"We are very happy with Elle's teaching approach. Her classes are very well-prepared, age-appropriate, interesting and fun. My daughter is improving her command of English at a steady pace and is always motivated to learn during the lesson. I could not recommend Elle's teaching enough. Thank you FamiLingua!"

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Would you like to find out more about FamiLingua?

Contact us with any questions, waiting list requests, or to arrange a free trial lesson!


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